24 June 2012


We built the tower
To hear the secrets of God.
Though, if asked, we couldn’t have said so.
Our land was silent dreams.
Just away from darkness, we traveled,
Following traces of sun like a flower.
And we were real, like steel or magic,
Stealing through twilight’s symphony,
Building stone stairs and rising on language wings.

We were thieves, standing in the shadows,
Measuring the darkled hours in heartbeats
While inside prayers crashed against the walls.
Never wanting a gift of what could be taken,
We hungered and skulked, seeking the power of rebellion.
All of our land was the spoken word.
Every stone minded, Life swirling in the dust.
From this we rose,
Seekers of horizons,
Never dreaming of the consequences of thought and mortar.

03 June 2012

Element: Fire


We glow, the epitome of star,
As we heat and illuminate all
The dark places
With the light emitted by our union,
With the warmth that rises from your pyre,
That blazes from my torch
As we burn.
The heat of my tongue on the small of your back
Puts the sun to shame.
Flowers follow our radiance instead,
Drawn to our fire as it singes Heaven,
Shaken by the flares thrown from our ardor.
We are flame,
A volcano erupting, again and again,
To spew magma that only heats us further.
We melt each other
And become ashes in the conflagration of desire
That rise again and again like the Phoenix.
I grow drunk from your firewater,
Return constantly to sip it,
As it pools, from the hollow of your neck
I am tempered anew in your kiln,                                                 
Kindled until I release energy
That you massage into your shining skin,
While I refill your forge with my barely melted steel,
My coals in your hands, glowing,
My fingers on the fuse that re-ignites
The blaze in you,
And bring you eruption after eruption
As we burn.