19 May 2012

Cornerstone Reality

"You say you wanna go so we can both be free" -W/As My Girl, Maxwell 

I was cold within, without you, on that forgotten eve, by that lonely lake
As I reflected. And the water reflected the moonlight such that I could almost mistake
Silver light for icy rime, in the waves and my soul; and though not likely in that clime,
Somewhat more plausible than my wasted effort to stop your heart's retreat from mine.
Though, even after this space of time, sure I am that had I decided, heavyhearted, to go wading,
Instead of standing alone on that twilit Autumn/Winter shore lonely, longing, waiting,
Cold for want of Lost-Love's warming embrace, and had lost myself- dark frigid water enlaced-
Then, in that moment, would have been no more or less frozen than since I last kissed your face.


  1. This one is poignant. The self-reflection is portrayed with striking imagery. The image you chose is the perfect black and white, for a color photograph would have belied the chill of the heart in the poem. Excellent.

  2. Thank you Red. Everything for the speaker in this poem is grey. It's obvious that he's still not "over" the relationship, and his detachment from his suicidal thoughts somehow doesn't feel as distant as he would like to believe. I had intended this to be much longer, but it really wrote itself and this is where it stopped.
    Glad that you read and liked it.