26 January 2012

Fundamental Things

You have given me visions,
dreams of fire,
and now my days are filled
with fragments of night,
the dreams of you,
driving me to distraction,
that send me to bed each night
to awake from reality
to the dream which is the thought of you.
the scent of you lingering in my atmosphere
rushing me headlong from daybreak,
seeking the moondawn
of your voice.
this prophecy of you has me undone,
licking my fingers to taste the
slightest touch of you,
my pulse racing
from this alone
as I hear your soul in each ray of light,
my Love bound by
this equation of you;
Visions of an angel that redefine
all fundamental things.


“There is a space between man's imagination and man's attainment that may only be traversed by his longing.”
Sand and Foam
                        Kahlil Gibran

The hours, the days
When my entire universe was encompassed
By you,
Contained within the spell cast
By your eyes, by your smile;
Your field surrounding me like electricity,
Hair like silk, eyes like fire
All attracting me to your density;
This was the beginning of desire.
I was caught
Like starlight in a diamond
Under deep October skies,
Refracted and reflected
In the jewel of your soul until I was burning
With fever for you,
Your touch, even proximity, the only treatment,
Your kiss the only cure.

This Love we share,
Passing in every wind and shadow
Of a Summer’s evening,
Moving in every leaf and root
Of an Autumnal dawn,
Growing, becoming us and more than us,
Something both simple and magnificent.
The soft rains of April and the sweet snowfalls of December,
Changing us in ways we cannot see,
Remaking us in the image of our hearts.
These few, precious moments
When we touch the Infinite,
Resonating with the waves of our Love,
When all the things you are are mine,
When all I ever dreamed is realized in
The briefest glimpse of the faintest contemplation
Of the most minute reflection of your smile in a raindrop.

These silent moments,
That is when our avatars aggregate,
Making us singular, one in each other,                                                       
One with the Sea of Dreams,
One with the laws that made fire and earth.
We move differently,
We are not these people, not these realities,
Not these bodies that house the Eternal in us,
Not the anchor but the ship
And the chain; not Gravity but the worlds it moves
And the space they move through.
We move, we dance, we sing
Like so many stars,
Moving like the promised kiss of Springtime.  
We speak in angels’ glow,
Lighting suns with our expressions of affection,
Creating Life in each other,
Denying the emptiness of separation, of reality,
With every touch, with every word.

I am tangled in our scent,
Drunk from the incense in the spaces
That lie in the corners of our minds,
Filled with the smoke of us,
Blessed by the offering we send up,
In honor of ourselves,
To the Light that bound water and wind
Into the breathless kisses that we share,
Holding each other’s hearts
Under the full January moon.

22 January 2012

Indian Summer

We ran like the clouds run,
Chasing our shadows across the skin of the world.
And we were gods again,
Lords of all this naturalness,
Racing to outrun the moon.

Time’s face smiled on us and these were ours-
Our days, our nights.
The whole world was these golden days
That stretched between the boundless blue sky
And the sweet liquor of our sweat
So we ran,
Ran until we were drunk inhaling Autumn’s promise,
Ran ‘til we passed Summer’s dreams.
And did we sing?
We sang until our throats were raw
And coated with ancestor’s dust.
We’d been granted a reprieve you see,
Surcease from dreams and duties,
A few short hours, here near midnight,
To dive again into piles of red and brown leaves                                     
And to bleed and cry again without consequence.

This was our second chance
And we grabbed it with both hands and ran,
Ran under the sun, ran under the moon
‘Til our hearts must break from the joy of running.
Because we already knew how short summer was,         
These days would be so much sweeter
For their brevity and undeservedness.

We were free again,
Like the leaves falling all around us,
Prisoners of days given unexpected furlough.
And did we drink, did we dance,
Did we love, did we live?
Yes, like they were new to the world.
But all things pass away
And we exist now in twilight
Where the years we spent,
Not for naught, but not for enough, now
Stand between us and Indian Summer
As both bridge and chasm.

21 January 2012

Street Song 1 (On the Corner)

On the corner, at night,
We stand and sing under neon stars,
Playing the same game our father’s played,
Passing the same bottles our brothers passed,
Traffic as our melody.
We sing the music of hard times,
Be it do-wop or hip-hop,
Ballads or blues
To the steady boom-bap of basketballs,
While our people move around us,
Dancing in their natural unknowing way.
Under neon stars,
Sippin’ and singin’,
Hangin’ and jivin’,
Good times
(Ain’t we lucky we got em’)
On the corner,
At night. 

17 January 2012


Know me,                   
I stand astride existence,
legs akimbo,
verbstick swinging to the rhythm of Life.
So fundamental,
so systematic;
as pure as the sweat running across my chest,
as pure as the desire burning in my eyes.

I am the nourisher,
bringer of the wine that God provides,
of the meat the brings the sweetness forth,
and I prepare a banquet in your honor.
Eat all that you wish.
Be eaten all that you wish.

Tasting the waters of all your days,
I reach forth my regard,
bathing in the delta of your Nile,
drinking the liquor of our sweat.
Know me,
King I am to those deep, hidden feelings
that make your temple pulse,
the longing that throbs prayers between your thighs
as all your lips cry out Hosannahs.
I bring the heat of stars to our embrace,
every breath the word of the Gods,
tongue reaching out to you and tasting Life
as my Word reaches your center and swells.

We are the cloak of night,
we are the garment Love wears to warm itself,
welcoming each other to the kismet storm;
witnessing the birth of vision
from the eastern side of the Sun.

Know me,
I am the God between your knees
dancing in the music of moisture,
tongue-blessing your righteousness.
These are the Elysian fields, the Halls of everlasting
Where I dwell in luscious agony.
I found Eternity in you arms.
Praise me; let me bind my wisdom into your soul-
fire air water into earth to make flesh.
We bring the rain that makes the desert bloom,
waking the Prophet’s rose.
My soul soars, intoxicated by mead
made from the honey of your need,
as I take all that you offer,
give all that I am
as we are created anew in wonder and in Love,
knowing the map of Creation imprinted on our bodies.
Come, follow me;
Come follow Me
and I will teach you the Art of Friction,
the power of a King’s lust
and how to dream the reality of desire and make it dance.

Know me,
I am the Architect of your heart;

Know me,
I am the dancing pulse between your legs;

I was made to Love you;

I am the Pharaoh of your desire.

13 January 2012


you (taste)
touch me
like honey, warm and sweet
flowing calm, no rush to your beauty
or your amber majesty
just honey
like my thoughts of you
just sweet
like your voice
and if
is all we shall
be or have
then my fantasies of you
will be
just as sweet
and as warm
as my dreams
of your
and I’ll long for your touch
like a forest longs for rain.


Here’s to the past,
Glass lifted to the forgotten moments,
All the few, precious mornings
Spent loved and loving,
Nourished by passion, fed by desire
And always soulhungry
For the repast promised in your eyes . . .

Here’s to the past,
Quaffing the waters of Lethe now
Instead of the ambrosia of you,
All the sweet, fleeting ‘noons
Spent loved and loving,
Learning the equations of taste and touch
While I studied the lessons of your heart
For the key to my own
And drank deep
Of the nectar of your smile . . .

Here’s to the past,
My toast in memory of summer breezes
Wafting on the far end of the corridors of time,
Still carrying your perfume,
All the deep purple eves
Spent loved and loving,
Smelling the jasmine in your hair,
Inhaling the mathematics of your femininity,
The scent, the halo, the sunset, the shadows
Filling my lungs, filling my lungs
With the incense of your being . . .

Here’s to the past,
Inebriated, seeking solace in the lavender wine
Of memory, respite in the bottom of the bottle,
From these dream-ghosts that haunt my soul,
All the dark midnight hours
Spent loved and loving,
Knowing the sweet taste of your embrace
And loving the knowledge,
Every thought your touch,
Every touch a dream,
Every dream a fantasy, fleeting and soulful
As my mind dripped with liquid revelries of you . . .

Here’s to the past;
The mornings before this forced fast,
My heart rumbling with pangs for you;
The noontimes before this drought
That dried all of my equations;
The evenings not polluted,
Not covered in the dust of distance;
The nights, oh the long, long nights                                             
Before all knowledge of you was taken,
Before all my soul was shaken,
Before I learned how dark my world is

 Without you in it.

10 January 2012

The First Wave

Of what importance is it
To me whether the reality of depth
In infinite or infinitesimal,
If I am still inundated by your smile,
If I still drown in your eyes?

Love is.

I bathe hourly in your sweetness,
Dive daily into the bottomless pools of your eyes,
And am eternally transported, floating
On oceans of you.

Love is.

For this is reality
That I drink of you, float in you,
Drown in you.
This is infinity
That you flood me, lift me, inundate me,
Carry me away.

This is Love.

Love is a wave.

09 January 2012

Altered States

It was twilight when I saw you,
I remember I was standing at the edge of the world;
We dance there in memory
With ice and moonlight to accompany us.
And it was gentle then
Those days those nights these remembrances
Of you, in my atmosphere, splendid,
I, in your ocean, radiant like stardust.
We dance there in memory.
Set on by chance by forces by waves of light,
Drawn together by strange attractants
Into these altered states
That send our heads spinning.
I feel it felt it knew it know
That there was power there, though ephemeral,                          
Your soultouch was undeniable
And gentle.
And though we go our separate ways,
We dance there in memory,
With ice and moonlight to accompany us.

Fool's Paradise

I lose myself in our midnight hours,                                                                                                  
Soul reveling in your atmosphere,
Refreshed in the sustenance of your smile.
Rebirthed in your rainshowers,
I hear the thunder contained in even
Our quiet moments,                                                                 
And the silence in our passion.                         
Kisses, sweet like April’s moon,
Are ours to imbibe
As these golden days pass,
Flowing all easy like Heaven’s afternoon.
It is in you, with you, that my mind rests,
My heart breathes
And the tension that defines my existence
Is unwound, however briefly.
Your voice drives me,
Filling me like the Light in your touch,
Warming my soul-garden.                                                                                
So, before I lose you to the years and miles,
Before your life from mine disappears,              
Let me just rest here awhile, basking,
In the fool’s paradise between earth and your smile.