30 May 2012

The Jazz of You

a stormfall of raindrops talks to my windowpane of
majestic melodies and natural symphonies,
the jazz of you.
miles in your eyes, sarah in your smile;
my heart hears the coltrane in your walk.
clouds dance shadows across us while
falling leaves, their colors shining,
hug our feet as we stroll
and sing to me about thoughts of you.
your music touches me,
warms a heart made cold long ago.
throbbing bass, sweet sax,
the motions of love in air
and the cracking of ice as champagne maintains;
a love supreme in the nearness of you.
i soul dance to this music,
the monk in your voice, the grover on your lips,
as candlelight shines in the darkness.
all we have is right now
but your sweet song promises so much more,
so many tomorrows for us to dream of
as this peaceful melody lulls us into
a sentimental mood
and warms us from winter’s chill.


I will drink a song from your sea then bless you with one from mine.

I consume your kisses and stagger,
Intoxicated as I know the vintage of your presence,
Inebriated by the nearness of you,
My soul swaying to the rhythm of every breath you take.

This is where my tensions ease.
This is where sadness fades.

I have become addicted to your smile.
And I imbibe unreservedly of your sweet, sweet wines
As we muddle psyche and soma
And forget all of our woes in the glory of drunken revelry.

Even the hangover that my leaving must bring is the pain of Love.

28 May 2012

Love's Prayer

a bit of grace
a little more time
to see her face
hold her hand in mine
all i ask is for the time
to complete my task
hold her heart in mine
just a quick blessing
is all i need
i fear time is pressing
forgive my greed
just a while
to hear her laugh
see her smile
she's all i have
all i'll ever need
let our happiness last
forgive my greed
all i can say
don't let it end
in Your name i pray
dear Lord, amen.

24 May 2012


I miss the potential of us,
The energy that we created with every passing moment.

All that we could have been
All that we, maybe, should have been.

Maybe, in some world other than this, we are kinetic.
Perhaps there the great forces that are here barely contained
When we touch, when we kiss, are released
And explode for everyone to see, lighting the darkness,
Being Love, being motion.

But all that I have is this world,
Where I will keep the scent of your hair,
Even when the world has forgotten your name.
And where I miss the energy of us.

Even if potential was all we ever really had.

20 May 2012

In Temporary Twilight

I exist only in the moment after nightfall,
When the world thinks of Love and lovers of each other,
When chaos and order play at life
And the stars themselves are passion.

And somewhere, in this temporary twilight,
I am still holding you. Now and forever,
As it has so many breathless times before,
Eternity beats your name onto my soul.

There has never been anyone, no one like you,
You were my angel, your song echoing in my heart.
And as I think longingly of your eyes
My soul remembers how to dream:

I dream your tenderness held tight in my arms,
Your hand again in mine, my heart still in yours.
And under this night, so bright in my fantasy,
We are more than even we thought possible.

I dream of lost memories of forgotten love
Of truths never learned and lies never told,
But even submerged in this vision of crystal palaces,
I know that you are gone, and I awaken.

I wake, like I rise each morning,
Praying that my heart won’t call to you,
Knowing all the while that it will, as it has
Every since my lips first touched yours.

I awake to a world of coldness
Where the warmth of you lying next to me is a memory,
But that memory is all that sustains me
As I seek the clouds I last saw you dancing under.

"Go then. There are other worlds than these." - Stephen King, The Gunslinger

19 May 2012

Cornerstone Reality

"You say you wanna go so we can both be free" -W/As My Girl, Maxwell 

I was cold within, without you, on that forgotten eve, by that lonely lake
As I reflected. And the water reflected the moonlight such that I could almost mistake
Silver light for icy rime, in the waves and my soul; and though not likely in that clime,
Somewhat more plausible than my wasted effort to stop your heart's retreat from mine.
Though, even after this space of time, sure I am that had I decided, heavyhearted, to go wading,
Instead of standing alone on that twilit Autumn/Winter shore lonely, longing, waiting,
Cold for want of Lost-Love's warming embrace, and had lost myself- dark frigid water enlaced-
Then, in that moment, would have been no more or less frozen than since I last kissed your face.

The Method of Tenacity (Bound by Dichotomous ?'s of U)

Conjecture: That there exists between like hearts and minds a species of emotional magnetism.

do u love?
do u miss?
do u remember the taste of my lips when we kissed?
do u want?
do u touch?
do u know that i miss u way too much?
do u know?
do u care, that i wake each night wanting u to be there?
do u love?

do u want?
do u long?
do u think of just me when u hear certain songs?
do u have?
do u hold?
do u know that i want u without being told?
do u love?
do u feel?
do u burn?
do u understand how much your touch makes me yearn?
do u kiss?
do u taste?
do u lick or do u bite?
do u hear my spirit calling through the stillness of the night?
do u need?
do u scream?
do u moan?
do u realize what will happen when i get you alone?
do u love?

do u hide?
do u reveal?
do u think this is temporary or think this is real?
do u try?
do u cry?
do u lie?
do u know what u want even if u don’t know why?
do u hunt?
do u chase?
do u comprehend the truth i learned from your smiling face?
do u love?

do u?
do u know how much i need the answer to the question of u?
do u love?

12 May 2012

A Nocturne

I have seen you before,
In countless dreams of beauty
Where we walk hand-in-hand along moonlit beaches.
You and I have explored all of the wonders
That Heaven and earth have to offer
In my subconscious voyages through love.
That is how I knew, when I saw you,
That you were to be my heart’s eternity.
Come with me darling, walk with me on clouds
Let me drink the night’s wine from your lips, again.
But this time let it happen while I’m awake.  

02 May 2012


You may seek me,
If your hatred or your love,
Your desire for vengeance or for passion
So direct you.
But if it is not my wish,                                                 
I will not be found.
And then, in the silent midnight hour,
When the dark clouds o’ersweep the moon and
Hurl lightning from horizon to horizon
As the celestial thunderer rages,
I will come to you with the falling rain
And then we will be one under and within the storm.