15 March 2012

Street Song 4: Got Me Opin

"I know I gotta be cooler than this cat you sittin' with....I'll do you right baby."
                                                                               ~777-9311, The Time

I could be like everyone else
If I chose, be like those
Who call you fine;
Say you sweet in my mind
Like the thought of a sin.
Aww shit, let me begin again
And just be me.
It's not hard to see
That I'm lost in your eyes
(And contemplation of your thighs
Keeps me up at night,
Just knowin' it would be right.)
But is that even the place to start?
Or should I tell you that you touched my heart,
Warmed it, made it beat so it seems even in my dreams
I taste your sweet and feel your heat?
How to even begin to tell you
That you beautiful like a sin I'd love to commit.
And you stay on my mind, I have to admit.
Probably 'til the stars burn out, no doubt,
It's your name in the dark that I'd love to shout,
And hold you like I do in my dreams
And it seems like a thing alive,
Stronger than even my pride,
And that ain't just another line.
Gimme a chance baby, 
I'll make you dance dance dance dance,
All you need to do is say yes,
You're my sweetest taboo, my honey colored goddess.
Sweet like that sin in the back of my mind,
Yeah you got me open,
And yeah I'm open wide.

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