11 March 2012

Lure of Emptiness

I shall return to you some other Autumn
When the red leaves fly
And your thoughts and dreams once again
Swirl through the shadows of the mountains
Stirring me from my dust and waking me
From my visions.
And I shall be as a star or comet,
Brightening your sky as I burn
Myself out, throwing off
The shadows of unrest that have
Covered you in my absences.
Be content beloved, I am here only
To build you the crystal palaces
Of your unguarded moments.
This is my totality,
That I am enlaced in your atmosphere
Until the soft rains come
Again, to settle my dust
In the far corners.

I shall return to you some other Autumn,
When brother Summer has fled
And the cool and heavy clouds grow again,
Swirling in the shadows of the mountains,
Shaking the bones of my existence and moving me
Back into your circumference.
And I shall be Hunter’s moon radiant,
Limning your desires as I wane
Back to darkness, banishing  
The shades of unrest that have
Surrounded you in my slumber.
Rest now dearheart, I exist only
To attend your restless dreams,
To protect your unguarded soul.
This is my totality,
That I am enchained to your needs
Until Zephyr’s kiss again
Sweeps my tattered spirit
To the far corners.

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