27 March 2012

Status Migrainosus 1: A Poet’s Thoughts Near Death

‘I have read, I have cried, and I have
Supped full with passion and horror,’
Thought the poet, his eyes preternaturally bright,
‘I have ticked away the seconds in a dry age
And have put pain to paper and turned rage to words,
As is a poet’s job.
But, most importantly, I stood in the night
And felt the breeze blow mortality;
I stood in a field of flowers under the sun
And knew the Power of God;
I played carelessly within the silverness of the moon
And relearned the untroubled days of childhood;
I held her hand, and watched that same moon
Rise in her eyes
And knew Love.’
The poet stops, sighs and wipes tears from his eyes.
He sits quietly for a moment and then continues:
‘These are the things that truly define me or men
Or Mankind; it’s not the things written or said,
It’s the things that are lived.’
The light in the poet’s eyes fades.
The poet dies.

A Prayer Of My Faded Childhood

I ask that I may
Thrive under the sun, while it shines;
The halcyon days of youth fade swiftly,
Never to be found again,
Lost forever to the swirling mists.

Let the light of early days shine upon
The melancholy greys of age and responsibility.
Dear God, I beg You, release me from
This yoke and let me run free,

Free into the wilds, the moors, the jungles
Of my infancy and my innocence.
Lord grant me surcease from knowledge
And deeds.
That is my prayer.

26 March 2012


(Every time the wind blows, I hear your voice but you're never there)

I remember you like sound
Sound like words
Words like the breeze of life
And I rise over this city
Taken up in your atmosphere
Seeing your face in clouds
That form from my longing
And surround me like light
Light like skies
Skies that stretch to forever
Like my memory of you
That survives the passage of time
Like a garment well-worn
Comfortable and warm,
But put away now
Only on occasion to be stroked,
Touched, to live again in its softness
Soft like the sound of our love.

Thoughts of Madness

The darkened tunnels have been traveled,
And the castles are no more;
The riverbeds are dry and empty,
And the birds no longer soar;
The deep dark forest are all cut down,
And there’s a lock on every door.

The sky has been made clear and bright
And there is no sign of rain;
The machines of death have been laid to rest
And no one remembers the pain;
The world’s going right to Heaven or Hell
And the mad shall lead the sane.

The world has moved on, and on again,
As I move towards madness,
For this sphere of life holds for me no joy,
But neither is there sadness.

Son of Swords

I stand in the dark, under the pouring rains,
While I pray, and the world eats my soul.
My song is all of my roaring pains,
Buried in the shadow of the black totem pole.
All that I used to be is just a memory,
A prayer crashing against the stone ears of devilry
As I long for zero,
Singing my song in chains,
I long for zero.
(Every step is dogged)

I am the son of swords
Born to follow the lines of force
With my blood beating with the swollen words
Written on my soul with no remorse.
I seek the palace and the sonic throne
The Chalice and the broken bones,                               
So I dream of zero
With all my tattered dreams,
I dream of zero.
(Every hour is devoured)

In my lonely tantrums,
When my entire world is ice and steel,
And I am the only sighted man in the kingdom,
I lose my way and cannot feel
The dark kiss of the maelstrom,
The omega sunshine bliss of the atom
So I go to zero,
Holding close to my shattered soul,
I go to zero.
(Every breath is counted.)

Somewhere there is a great black mountain,
Looming under a twilight moon
And under it a great marble fountain
In which I bathe by the light of a wormwood noon.
Call me the lord of pain; call me the king of sorrow
Call me silent apostle, son of mourning on the last tomorrow.

25 March 2012


I was born in these shadowlands,
Haunted by dreams of memories
From those who despise my blackened hands,
As if nightskin were a disease.
I have been cursed by those from other lands
With lighter skins and haughty gaze,
As if I could be their’s to command,
I am the Man they try not to see.
But still I thrive in shadowlands,
Living life in pantherskin,
Walking tall across the moving sand
Loving the sun that I absorb within.
Nothing can shame this proud Man,
Proud of heritage and skin,
And though some scoff at my shadowed hands,
They cannot repress the Man within.

20 March 2012

Spirituality: House of Worship

"Tu as pris mon cœur, ma sœur, mon épouse, tu as pris mon cœurpar un de tes yeux, avec une chaîne de ton cou." KJV, Song of Solomon 4:9

I am Nox’s son, Father/Brother/god
That brings the revelation of flesh,
All the manna of our souls falling through the air,
All your curses moving me on,
As I pulse in the rhythm of your Angel-sweet body
Entering your temple in awe
And in ecstasy.

We are the congregation lascivious, rocking in hunger,
Writing our prayers in friction
As we speak in tongues that dance as they taste
And testify at the top of our lungs.
We bow our heads in rapture
From the give and response of
Physical hymns.

I am the cardinal in pantherskin, preacher/predator,
Sermonizing as I prey;
Every verse written in fluids primal
And quoted from the holy book of our bodies,
Anointed in our own oils,
My rod comforting you,
Your body Communion sweet.

We are the Choir of the dark, sinsinging,
Harmonizing, in the clapping of our soma,
While mouths drip the holy waters of our passion:
Sweet, musky wine and hot salty lyrics,
Psalms that bounce off the walls
As we duet the mantra of desire.
Percussion in the House of Worship.

I am the Thunder, nightskinned lightning,
Bringing the storm of ecstasy,
The rain that falls from your thighs,
My voice booms as I strike deep
And electrify the flower in your temple,
Making it bloom
Making you shout.

We are the Church of the Erotic, holy and profane,
Righteous in Our Name, sinners in our blood,
Making an offering of all our passions,
Calling God with our psyches,
Bodies pulsing with the infinite beat
Of the Heart in the heart of hearts,
Cumming soulward and seeking Heaven.


19 March 2012

Street Song 5: Tangent Line

there is a woman I saw once
that inspired me to write;
and not only to write, but to dream
and most of all to remember
all that Love is about.
ain’t that some shit,
how by chance a glance at this Lady
started to melt the ice
and had me thinkin’ about Love
and romance, candles, wine and jazz.
maybe it was just bad timing that let me
see her for so short a time,
what with her bein’ so fine
and us not bein’ together.
so here I am, inspired by her memory
led into fantasies by a brief encounter.
images of her lips and hips,
thoughts of her cleopatra eyes
have me searching breathlessly for
her face in clouds.
who is this magnificent woman I once saw?
why don’t you tell me,
you see her everyday in your mirror.

Small Room (A Song in Chains)

In that small room, deep in you,
Is where I sing my song in chains,
A song of Love, once pure and new
Then, suddenly, forever changed.

This closet in your soul,
Through which moved I once so deftly,
Seems, of late, darker and cold,
But I stay because it is all you have left me.

For me Love was ever Energy,
Kinetic or potential, slowed or hastened,
But as you turned away from me,
It became Energy quickly wasted.

So I sing my song in chains
Everlonging, everthinking
Of a Love once true then forcefully changed,
And my place in your heart ever shrinking.

17 March 2012

Singularity Theory

With pen in prolific hand could I, at will
Spin worlds and brighten skies,
But mine was not the mighty Hand.
With pen in inspired hand could I, at will
Soothe souls and still tears,
But mine was not the mighty hand.
With pen in eloquent hand could I, at will
Move hearts and bend minds,
But still, mine was not the mighty hand
Nor mine will the will of God;
For it was His mighty hand that removed
Your life from mine
And His will that has
My hand, once prolific, eloquent and inspired,
Forever stilled.

Schwarzschild Radius

It is not in me to end this,
not while
your smile sings in my soul,
not while I can still taste
every kiss, every breath.
I cannot (will not)
see myself out of this,
never escaping this heavenly prison.                  
I am helplessly burning in sweetness,
your touch
the flames.
So if you don’t want me,
let me go,                                                                    
Cause I’ll never leave,
never willingly deny myself
all the pleasures of you.

15 March 2012

Street Song 4: Got Me Opin

"I know I gotta be cooler than this cat you sittin' with....I'll do you right baby."
                                                                               ~777-9311, The Time

I could be like everyone else
If I chose, be like those
Who call you fine;
Say you sweet in my mind
Like the thought of a sin.
Aww shit, let me begin again
And just be me.
It's not hard to see
That I'm lost in your eyes
(And contemplation of your thighs
Keeps me up at night,
Just knowin' it would be right.)
But is that even the place to start?
Or should I tell you that you touched my heart,
Warmed it, made it beat so it seems even in my dreams
I taste your sweet and feel your heat?
How to even begin to tell you
That you beautiful like a sin I'd love to commit.
And you stay on my mind, I have to admit.
Probably 'til the stars burn out, no doubt,
It's your name in the dark that I'd love to shout,
And hold you like I do in my dreams
And it seems like a thing alive,
Stronger than even my pride,
And that ain't just another line.
Gimme a chance baby, 
I'll make you dance dance dance dance,
All you need to do is say yes,
You're my sweetest taboo, my honey colored goddess.
Sweet like that sin in the back of my mind,
Yeah you got me open,
And yeah I'm open wide.

11 March 2012

Lure of Emptiness

I shall return to you some other Autumn
When the red leaves fly
And your thoughts and dreams once again
Swirl through the shadows of the mountains
Stirring me from my dust and waking me
From my visions.
And I shall be as a star or comet,
Brightening your sky as I burn
Myself out, throwing off
The shadows of unrest that have
Covered you in my absences.
Be content beloved, I am here only
To build you the crystal palaces
Of your unguarded moments.
This is my totality,
That I am enlaced in your atmosphere
Until the soft rains come
Again, to settle my dust
In the far corners.

I shall return to you some other Autumn,
When brother Summer has fled
And the cool and heavy clouds grow again,
Swirling in the shadows of the mountains,
Shaking the bones of my existence and moving me
Back into your circumference.
And I shall be Hunter’s moon radiant,
Limning your desires as I wane
Back to darkness, banishing  
The shades of unrest that have
Surrounded you in my slumber.
Rest now dearheart, I exist only
To attend your restless dreams,
To protect your unguarded soul.
This is my totality,
That I am enchained to your needs
Until Zephyr’s kiss again
Sweeps my tattered spirit
To the far corners.

10 March 2012

Event Horizon

I watch the line of your back as you wait for me, leaning against the door,

Knowing that I watch,
Seeing the inherent grace in your every feature,
So glad to be here, with you, from now until whenever,
Knowing that I, for a time, have Majesty in my arms,
Just watching you,
The line of your back, of your thighs,
The rhythm of your walk
All calling me in a voice I must answer,
Wanting all that this view promises
And so much more.

Integration by Parts

I would whisper all of my secrets in your ears, were they close enough,

Tell you of my dreams, my desires, my failures;
No secrets, not between us, not any more.
Your hand in mine, my voice strong in your ear
As I tell you all of my plans for us
All of my desire for you,
Pouring my collected soul into your heart,
knowing that it is well received. 

09 March 2012


I think-
No, that’s not true, I know-
Know that you were always
The starlight in my universe,
Whether distant and beautiful
Or near and warming,
Still starlight, always you
Shining in my empty spaces.
Not mine now, but still my starlight,
Still all the glory,
Starlight distant but still luscious
Ever brilliant in my heart
Like the taste of Life I once
Felt in your arms.
Always is yours the smile that
Drives out the shadows in my dreams.
Always the starlight in my universe.


04 March 2012



You have entered my presence,
My territory,
Unmindful that you were meant
To be my next repast.
I lick my teeth in anticipation
Of aliment, ravenous.


I taste you, your incense dancing in the wind,
As I glide,
Tiger by moonlight, hungry stalking
Everhunting everwanting you.                                       


We move naturally,
The choreography of hunter and prey.
You do not know that you are hunted,
Yet are no safer in your nescience.


Patience and I shall feed of your nectar
Taste your liquid kiss.
Muscles tensed, ready to spring,
To feed as you take the tension from me,
But I shall not rush.



I dance with you, slowly, to the clearing
Wherein our violent ballet shall conclude;
Destinies fulfilled as we slowly become one.
My need sated as I eat of you,
Feeding in ecstasy at your temple.


I move ever closer,


Almost embracing you with my teeth,


I become the breath on the back of your neck.



01 March 2012

Street Song 3: No Technology (The Art of Neo-Primitive Seduction)

First we’ll leave our keys
And park both of our cars.
Walk together like we used to do,
Just me and you under the stars.
And we’ll pretend that it’s dark,
Ignoring the glare of the street lights
As our hearts reach toward each other
And our minds reach for higher heights;
So that by the time that we get back home
We’ll be more than ready to be alone.

See we don’t need no technology
Comin’ between you and me,
From now until the sun starts to rise
The only light I need is in your eyes.

Turn your iPod off baby,
And put it on the counter next to mine.
Leave your laptop there too, don’t worry,
Everything will be just fine.
While I light these candles, Hon,
You can kill those lights,
I told you things were gonna be different tonight.
I already logged off the computer
And turned off my phone,
Tonight nobody’s gonna keep us from being alone.

See we don’t need no technology
Comin’ between you and me;
From now until tomorrow is born
You’re the only thing I’ll need to turn on.

Come over by the fireplace with me,
I got the bottle of oil, grab that bottle of wine.
You’ll see we don’t need no damn TV
And I promise everything will be just fine.
I’ll drink from your glass and you from mine
While we hold each other by the firelight.
And as my hands caress your spine,
I’m glad there’re no distractions tonight.
When we end our dance, I’ll hand you a corsage
As we relax together on the floor.
Then I’ll take your feet and start to massage-
Just a hint of what I have in store.

See we don’t need no technology
Comin’ between you and me;
From now until the morning sun
Nothing will keep us from being one.


"If I can't see your face, I will remember your smile." 
                                                           ~"You Bring Me Joy" Anita Baker, Rapture, 1986

I cannot this feeling shake:
That I need u.
This thirst slake:
To be with u.
And never did I think
It would be so.

Yet here I am
Taken by u,
My body and mind
Shaken by u,
Knowing that still must I
Let u go.

Song of Rainy Days

I hold candlelight in my hand
as raindrops fall
like tears from Heaven
even they can’t quench this flame
(falling, falling)
there is a darkness all around
it falls from the sky
and from my naked soul
yet my ardor never wavers
(darkness, darkness)
this is my singular dream
the one that never fades
my song of rainy days
and icy breezes blowing
(passion, passion)
I hold candlelight against the night
and against the falling rain
and against the storm within
and my fire never wavers.