25 February 2012

Street Song 2 (Just Another Sad Song…)

I never did think it would turn out this way,
With you and I so far apart,
But seeing you with another man
Was more than enough to break my heart.
And when I asked you about it when you came home,
After I sat 2 hours in the dark alone,
You had the nerve to lie in my face
That’s cool, know what, take ya shit and get it outta my place.

Just take the broken dreams you gave me
And go lie in the bed that you’ve made
See I’ve heard all of this before
And I ain’t lettin’ you hurt me no more.

Why are you still here, talkin about don’t let it end,
Sayin’ I misunderstood, he was just a friend.
But look witch, somebody musta told you wrong
Because this ain’t no damn Biz Markie song.
Love might’ve been blind, but it ain’t no more,
And all I want is you goin through that door.
I don’t wanna hear no more of your lies,
Like I’ma believe your triflin’ ass over my two eyes.

So I take back all the promises that I made you,
After this even Jesus couldn’t save you,
Cause I’m all done and that’s for damn sure,
Now get your ass on the other side of that door.

Why are you still talking? why is you still here?
I wanna see you walkin and I think I made that clear.
Back up off me, I ain’t gonna touch you so you can call the cops,
Just cause you got caught out there and wanna pull out all the stops.
But I swear on my kids, I’ll never hit you,
I just want you to go so I can start to forget you.
But don’t get it twisted, you got 10 minutes to pack.
Then I’m callin’ out my girl-cousins for the open field attack.

And take these broken dreams you gave me                             
And put them with the games that you played.
And I really hope he has what you lookin’ for,
Cause I ain’t wasting my Love on you no more.

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