07 February 2012


*Thanks to my good friend J. Xander Garrafa for helping me with the Spanish....

This Lust is systematic.
Your elegance calling to me across creation
Sets my heart racing in your regard, tan ardiente como luz solar.
My longing now a part of my being,
I am in awe,
Sent adrift into autoerotic mastery
Every time I contemplate the delicate lines of your labios rosados.
Every caress I imagine in your honor
Sends me into a familiar dream:
 We dance naked by candlelight,
 My eye tracing every movement of your body
 As I rise in anticipation, sway to cresting need.
 I gather you in my arms, lift your breast to my mouth
 As your back arches in the silent dance of flame.
 This is the slo blues time,
 When all the equations approach infinity
 And all that matters is the heat of your electric velvet rising toward me,
 The conversation of my tongue and your nipple
 And the sweet moisture we both prepare to give.
 My hands dance along your spine as I lower you,
 Tongue tasting the hollow of your neck,
Désir ardent.
 I take you from the vertical,
 Our shadows behind us, as merged as we are meant to be,
 And begin to drink the wine of your being,
 Kissing first your subtle ankles before moving,
 Slowly but definitely, toward your femininity.
 The delicate blend of coral and chocolate,
 Of warmth and moisture,
 Engulf me
 As I open your tenderness and feed,
 Gently letting my tongue learn you,
 Existing only for this moment
Cuando el beso es todo,
 When your moans are all
 When my desire is all,
 Evident in the mixed nectar
 That covers my face,
 That glistens on your fundament,
 That connects this hunger to these bodies.

I can’t step to you with an envelope of empty dreams,
Abracadabra phases and mental gymnastics,
Just my admiration of all the things you are
And the knowledge of my need.
Esta lujuria es sistemática.

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