04 February 2012

Epitaphs of a Fallen Man

I am
The lucent shadow,
Covering nothing in my darkness,
Warming nothing with my light;

I am
The mute jongleur,
Singing my song in no voice,
Covering my ears from my own silence;

I am
The anesthetic desire,
Filling empty hearts with naught,
Emptying soulward and dying in love;

I am
The unbelieving philosopher,
Shouting from the foot of card-towers of Babel
That there is no God and He exists in all things;

I am
The esoteric parasite,
Feeding eternally of my own materiel,
Never filling a need never named;

I am
Hammurabi abased,
Alexander conquered,
The legacy of Judas
And the uncertainty of Jesus.

I am the fallen man.
And here I rot, even worms must eat.

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