13 February 2012


I hear these raindrops
Fall, falling
Against windowpanes that no longer
Hold your reflection
Or feel the warmth
Of your breath.
We have much in common
These windows and I;
A shade pulled over us both
Now that you are gone.

But I remember those deeper raindrops,
Running, dripping, dancing
Along a body that was Thunder,
As we felt the warmth,
The wind, the power
Of our Storm.                                      
We made Love like Life,                                                                      
Myriad in expression,
Beautiful like you and I;
Nourishing the gardens of our hearts
When you were here.

I still see those tender raindrops
Rolling, streaming, being
First diamond wine birthed in passion
By your eyes as you blissed,
Later the hot/salt children                     
Of anger, forming the river
That eroded us,                                                     
Drowning our desire,
Washing away all of our promises
And carrying you on.

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