15 November 2011

Last Night

I stood at your door in the rain, last night,
Only wanting to end the pain last night
Too unsure to ring the bell,
Scared of the story my heart wanted to tell.
A story of a man, a woman and careless Love.
So I just stood there, tears mixing with those from above.
I remember the cops the argument the fight
The anger I felt driving away that night,
Away from the family I thought I was gettin back
Away from the future I thought was on track.
Remember how you asked, this time, not to let
Pressures and problems between us get?
Yet here we are not speaking again
Not lovers, not family, not even friends.
I don’t know if these wounds will mend
And I don’t know if this time the silence will end;
All I know is that I stood there in the rain last night,
Only wanting to ease the pain last night,
Too sad and loving to keep away
Too proud and lonely to maybe stay,
And too unsure to ring the bell
Scared of the story my heart wanted to tell.

And ever has it been that love
 knows not its own depth until
 the hour of separation.”
Kahlil Gibran
The Prophet

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