10 November 2011

October Song

(as summer’s will falters and leaves turn to flame)
I touched your body with
Destiny’s hand,
Loving every curve, every pore,
the roughness of nipples erect,
the smoothness of your breath
breaking in waves against my soul. 

I was made to Love you.

Words hide all the things we be,
All the days we were summer in each other’s arms,
Making liars of the snowflakes outside the steaming windows,
Bejeweled in salty diamonds
And sweet, sticky pearls,
Being all that the words can never be:
Man and Woman
M e m o r y
We soared in rhythmic  colors of 10,000 unnamed human emotions,
Bodies singing in the minor key
and dancing tongue to tongue.

(Love is all in your eyes)

Every caress a symphony,
A million stories in the candy sigh that escapes you as I enter your presence;
Just a Man and Woman loved and loving-
And if God is Love,
How beautiful must Heaven be? -
Touching and tasting,
Eating and Making,


More together, under timeless nights, than possible alone.
(I only wish I didn’t love you so)

Standing under a night filled with Autumn’s promise

I remember;
Remember Winter nights when we were summer heat,
Spring days when we made April scream to our desire,
July afternoons when I wrote my name
In the sweat pooling in that sacred place
That was neither your back nor your ass,
But still articulated my need.
in the moonlight, under starlight                                     

(I believe that Love will always stay the same)

the dearest thing I knew.
Not knowing that even summer must end,
Even the most haunting melody fades,
As surely as the scent of You disappeared from my fingers,
You from my arms,
My heart from the Heaven of your desires.

(Let’s tell all the stars above, oooh Baby)

I shout these shining leaves from the trees,
my longing denying season’s change.
Wanting this bright moon to not be,
These cooling days to be not,
(This is the sound of my soul, this is the sound)
And my throat is raw in my desire,
my desire is raw in my throat,
Calling your name,
The voice of my need filling my ears,
Needing to be with you
Near you
In you,
Needing to enter your wonder,
Needing to release this atmosphere.
Needing to Be.
Being in need
Of something more than these shining leaves,
This remembered passion,
These dreams and this October wind...

(You and I were supposed to grow old)
wind . . .
Night and wind
by full orange moon
is Truth.

(Every time I turn around, I see your face, but you’re never there)

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