09 October 2011

New Language

I taste your touch in the texture of every Word.
this is what we are,
distant longing in souls held close
hearts shouting through the Infinite
only to be heard by each other.
Words in thought yet unspoken,
raising ecstacy in wanting hips.

these are our hearts
bent in succulent extremes
during our stolen moments,
dancing in electric space
while fingers speak,
while souls reach
moonlight in a diamond eye,
shining in the Love we build.

all easy we flow even still,
even now,
vibrations still manifesting,
resonance ever moving,
tasting imagined sweat,
drawing forth milk and honey
to pour onto the alter of our desire;
flowing through night and space
believing in the Truth of union,                                 
the seed of Cosmic storms.

share my pain in the dream of the now-
this singular moment
hanging between the sky and the ocean
as we sleep hand-in-hand under the idea
of our virtual orgasms-
in the deep purple time.
freed from planetary shackles,
from our worlds of work and responsibility,
to swallow the evening summer breezes;
the water leaping in the late sunlight,
and in that moment, divine,                                            
speaking new language.

I cannot bring me back from there, that place,
That distant aerie where your soul my heart did touch.

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