07 October 2011


Will you drink with me,
Of the earth and the days
Which have passed upon it?
Will you drink with me,
Of the sky and the words
Which have passed between us,
My breath to you and yours back?
Will you drink to the fullness
Of the fire we kindled together,
First in spirits soaring, later
In singing flesh,
As our essences mixed, becoming
Starlight to radiate reflected in
Our sweat?
Will you drink also
Of the seas we’ve created,
Oceans brought forth from that
First glance; waves from you
Engulfing me as I submerge you;
Not just sweat, though it too flows-
Attaching chest to breast, lips to neck-
As my deeper fluids inundate you
While yours splash against my soul?
Will these things set us on Isis?
Will this guide us through the spaces in
Our togetherness?
If so, then let your wing`ed self
Stand here in the courtyard of the
Temple and drink with me.
And when the soft rains come
Let us think of each other,
And our few, precious days,
As we continue to grow and become. 

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