30 May 2012


I will drink a song from your sea then bless you with one from mine.

I consume your kisses and stagger,
Intoxicated as I know the vintage of your presence,
Inebriated by the nearness of you,
My soul swaying to the rhythm of every breath you take.

This is where my tensions ease.
This is where sadness fades.

I have become addicted to your smile.
And I imbibe unreservedly of your sweet, sweet wines
As we muddle psyche and soma
And forget all of our woes in the glory of drunken revelry.

Even the hangover that my leaving must bring is the pain of Love.


  1. Your way with words is beautiful. This one is particularly sweet. I look forward to each one of your postings.

    1. Thank you for reading and for the compliment.

  2. I've loved this since the first time I read it. Brings back memories.