19 May 2012

The Method of Tenacity (Bound by Dichotomous ?'s of U)

Conjecture: That there exists between like hearts and minds a species of emotional magnetism.

do u love?
do u miss?
do u remember the taste of my lips when we kissed?
do u want?
do u touch?
do u know that i miss u way too much?
do u know?
do u care, that i wake each night wanting u to be there?
do u love?

do u want?
do u long?
do u think of just me when u hear certain songs?
do u have?
do u hold?
do u know that i want u without being told?
do u love?
do u feel?
do u burn?
do u understand how much your touch makes me yearn?
do u kiss?
do u taste?
do u lick or do u bite?
do u hear my spirit calling through the stillness of the night?
do u need?
do u scream?
do u moan?
do u realize what will happen when i get you alone?
do u love?

do u hide?
do u reveal?
do u think this is temporary or think this is real?
do u try?
do u cry?
do u lie?
do u know what u want even if u don’t know why?
do u hunt?
do u chase?
do u comprehend the truth i learned from your smiling face?
do u love?

do u?
do u know how much i need the answer to the question of u?
do u love?


  1. The sign of humanity. I like this.

    PS What is with the captchas? Ugh.

  2. 2nd thing first: Captchas are gone lol.

    1st thing second: Glad you like it. In real life, I hate questions so this one was fun for me.