12 February 2015

Situational Gravity

I know what you want.
I made you want it,
In a profound manifestation of verb
Kindled by words and glances
Into a desire that slows time as our eyes meet.
But you don't understand my words.

You know what I want.
I made sure that you knew it
As I alchemaically combined nouns and flesh,
Kisses and adjectives,
Into an elixir- vibrant, recombinant and strong-
That I sip from the hollows of your neck,
That you swallow from deep in my being.
But you don't understand my words.

This is what we need:
To realize the Truth of our elements intercoursing,
To witness the Reality of our heated fluids flowing,
To learn Equations written in friction and integrated in spasms
As our souls dance and undulate
And we become Understanding
And need no more words.

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