11 February 2012

Maybe We’ll Be Sky There

It’s easy to remember our days together
(Beautiful like rain)
And hard to forget the nights in each others arms;
(Beautiful like moonlight)
Now that I spend watchful, wakeful nights
(Beautiful like my Muse)
Walking alone under the stars.
(Beautiful, just right)
I feel your smile in the clouds at sunset,
(Beautiful like the lakeshore)
Searching for a hint of your perfume in the breeze
(Where we so beautifully loved)
Longing for some sign from Heaven
(Beautiful like you and me)
To soothe our careless Love.
(Beautiful like blue lights at Christmas)
I’d give all my tomorrows
(On a beautiful winter’s night)
For just one tonight together;
(Beautiful like your sweet arms around me)
Remembering what we were,
(Beautiful like you my Heart)
Dreaming of what we could have been
(Beautiful like me my Love)
And hoping to be together in Heaven.
(Beautiful like you and me)
Maybe we’ll be sky there
And the Love we had and lost
Will just be a memory.
(Beautiful like a touch that’s beautifully brief)
Maybe we’ll be sky there
(Beautiful like you and me)
And this life will be a memory.

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