14 February 2012

3 States of Being

Turn the lights down low...

You exist all within my mind,
My every thought revolving,
Tasting as I kiss the picture of you
That swirls forever in my memory,
Even now as I face you,
I dance you through my fantasies,
All my dreams trailing along.
I remember running across Egyptian sands with you and
Dream of our future each time I hear your name.
All that I know is encompassed in your smile,
The motions of your body,
The lingering taste of your kiss in my mind,
And I am lost in thoughts of you,
Never seeking a way out.
Your existence,
Locking into mine now,
Irrevocably a part of me,
Being my dreams,
Leading my thoughts,
Drowning my mental even as I reach for you.

Turn the lights down low...

Let me talk only to your soul with my soul,
Speaking in Love
To the one who meets with me on Heaven’s plateau,
Weaving a living tapestry on the loom
Of our emotions, the thread our longing.
My heart calls your name in all the languages of God,
Shouting my Love across creation,
The thunder that splits the night
And holds the moon in our regard
As we move soulwardly higher.
We tempest of spirit be,
Storming as we look within each other,
Talking only with our souls,
Repeating words our mouths haven’t learned
But our bodies want to teach.
Speak to me in Love,
The voice of the essence of our carnality,
Our passion, all the mental verses
That have led us to where we now stand,
My Verb seeking the living poem
Flowing form the well of your world,
Word by word, drop by drop.

Turn the lights down low...

Know me, know my body,
My flesh shining in the dark
As I reach for you,
Caressing your perfume with my nose,
Your voice with my longing ears.
Before I ever feel the heat in your touch
I strain my eyes to see your soul dance
To the music of the shadows that bow around us.
I long for physicality,
Bodies in the rhythm of Gods,
Ambrosia flowing, wine pressed
With every kiss, every longing glance
In the moonlight, under starlight
All that I’ve been dreaming of,
Sacrificed as we cast our soma
And rock in embrace.
Bathe me in every drop of your wetness
As we shudder together,
As the spasms begin,
As we touch the edge and spin,
We burn in each other.
Know my body,
Know its touch as it calls for you,
As it stretches forward to pierce this tinted air
And penetrate in turn your sweetness,
Know every touch, every inch
As I slide onto you, into you,
Arching to touch you deep,
Where it hurts and then feels so good.

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