11 February 2012


“Hearts are tough, Pete.  Most times they don’t break.
  Most times they only bend.”
-Hearts in Atlantis
 Stephen King

Meeting you was like so slowly
Drowning in honey,
Loving the sensation,
My thoughts, my being, saturated by
Sweetness, the growing knowledge of you.
But now, oh now, there is a
Shadow in your voice, an iciness
In your words, pushing away the light
We shared so briefly.
This sudden reticence wears on me,
Haunting my sleep,
Making me hear the headsman’s axe in
Every word you speak, knowing it
Must drop, shattering my desires, yet
Not knowing why;
I reconcile myself to loving what we have left,
And watching it trickle away,                                       
Frozen by this new chill that you
Blow through my soul.
We were made to Love each other in
A time between storms,
And it seems that time is going,
My clouds rising again.

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