19 March 2012

Street Song 5: Tangent Line

there is a woman I saw once
that inspired me to write;
and not only to write, but to dream
and most of all to remember
all that Love is about.
ain’t that some shit,
how by chance a glance at this Lady
started to melt the ice
and had me thinkin’ about Love
and romance, candles, wine and jazz.
maybe it was just bad timing that let me
see her for so short a time,
what with her bein’ so fine
and us not bein’ together.
so here I am, inspired by her memory
led into fantasies by a brief encounter.
images of her lips and hips,
thoughts of her cleopatra eyes
have me searching breathlessly for
her face in clouds.
who is this magnificent woman I once saw?
why don’t you tell me,
you see her everyday in your mirror.

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