26 March 2012

Son of Swords

I stand in the dark, under the pouring rains,
While I pray, and the world eats my soul.
My song is all of my roaring pains,
Buried in the shadow of the black totem pole.
All that I used to be is just a memory,
A prayer crashing against the stone ears of devilry
As I long for zero,
Singing my song in chains,
I long for zero.
(Every step is dogged)

I am the son of swords
Born to follow the lines of force
With my blood beating with the swollen words
Written on my soul with no remorse.
I seek the palace and the sonic throne
The Chalice and the broken bones,                               
So I dream of zero
With all my tattered dreams,
I dream of zero.
(Every hour is devoured)

In my lonely tantrums,
When my entire world is ice and steel,
And I am the only sighted man in the kingdom,
I lose my way and cannot feel
The dark kiss of the maelstrom,
The omega sunshine bliss of the atom
So I go to zero,
Holding close to my shattered soul,
I go to zero.
(Every breath is counted.)

Somewhere there is a great black mountain,
Looming under a twilight moon
And under it a great marble fountain
In which I bathe by the light of a wormwood noon.
Call me the lord of pain; call me the king of sorrow
Call me silent apostle, son of mourning on the last tomorrow.

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