09 October 2012

I remember you
And you remember me,
And we both remember all of the things we did and wanted and wished we could be.

So how did we drift apart?
How did I lose your heart?
How did we find the end before we ever really got to start?

You remember me
And I remember you
And both of us remember  
All of the things we wanted
And planned and thought we'd do.

18 August 2012


Words are plastic, 
shapeable by the speaker and the listener, 
and as such are somewhat less than the thoughts and feelings that we wish to convey by them. But here across space, 
where the silence of your smile 
and the taste of your skin are distant stars in a twilight sky, 
words carry all of the Gravity left to us. 
Thus I offer you these machines, 
these words, 
to understand, work and shape as you will: 
Cold, Reaching, Resonance and Desire.

27 July 2012



I was born son to glaciers of ice,
Brother to the west wind,
Singing a song of memory and change.
And as I walk the halls of snow, the rooms of steel,
I hold fast to the shadows that cloak the ruin,
And never chase the silence from the daylight,
And shake the floor of the world
In my lonely tantrums.
I am made the merchant of emptiness,
My currency the dew at the night’s edge.
Given dominion over the empty spaces
And taught that to rule is always sweet,
no matter the kingdom,
I haunt the concrete canyons.                                                    
In dreams I chase the inviting glow,
The glittering crowds and shimmering clouds
That tease the promise of redemption
And bring the pain of waking a dreamer with empty hands.
I am the wanderer of frigid spaces,
Drawn to seek dawn in distant skies, worn robes hanging,
Never, never standing before Heaven,
Singing  of flowers and thorns even through my tears,
King of the outer wilds,
East of the sun where the dreams fall dark.

16 July 2012

Element: Void

This is where there is nothing;
Nothing between us, nothing around us,
Nothing but us.
No space as I enter you,
No distance as you clench me,
No time but that told by the beating of our hearts.
We singular are, one from many,
And nothing exists but your nails in my back,
My breath on your neck,
My hands under you, lifting you,
Your eyes holding me, lifting me.
We are the friction of dark galaxies,
Filling what was never meant to be empty.
Frantic in our desire to be,
To create,
We have inhaled each other’s souls and bodies,
Quenched the thirst of our needs,
Reflected on our desires
Nourished our animality
Set fire to Infinity
And radiated the equations of Eternity
All with this Lust,
With this Love that we were from and made for.
We move against, into, with one another
As if for the first/last time,
Like all that has been hasn’t,
Like we are something new in this Universe
Until your body shudders against me,
Carrying me away in its blessing
And I speak my word into your void,
Our particles colliding up, down, top and bottom,
Screaming each other’s names
As we fall spent,
Strange and charmed,
Knowing we have held nothing back,
Left nothing out,
And have nothing left. 

24 June 2012


We built the tower
To hear the secrets of God.
Though, if asked, we couldn’t have said so.
Our land was silent dreams.
Just away from darkness, we traveled,
Following traces of sun like a flower.
And we were real, like steel or magic,
Stealing through twilight’s symphony,
Building stone stairs and rising on language wings.

We were thieves, standing in the shadows,
Measuring the darkled hours in heartbeats
While inside prayers crashed against the walls.
Never wanting a gift of what could be taken,
We hungered and skulked, seeking the power of rebellion.
All of our land was the spoken word.
Every stone minded, Life swirling in the dust.
From this we rose,
Seekers of horizons,
Never dreaming of the consequences of thought and mortar.

03 June 2012

Element: Fire


We glow, the epitome of star,
As we heat and illuminate all
The dark places
With the light emitted by our union,
With the warmth that rises from your pyre,
That blazes from my torch
As we burn.
The heat of my tongue on the small of your back
Puts the sun to shame.
Flowers follow our radiance instead,
Drawn to our fire as it singes Heaven,
Shaken by the flares thrown from our ardor.
We are flame,
A volcano erupting, again and again,
To spew magma that only heats us further.
We melt each other
And become ashes in the conflagration of desire
That rise again and again like the Phoenix.
I grow drunk from your firewater,
Return constantly to sip it,
As it pools, from the hollow of your neck
I am tempered anew in your kiln,                                                 
Kindled until I release energy
That you massage into your shining skin,
While I refill your forge with my barely melted steel,
My coals in your hands, glowing,
My fingers on the fuse that re-ignites
The blaze in you,
And bring you eruption after eruption
As we burn.


30 May 2012

The Jazz of You

a stormfall of raindrops talks to my windowpane of
majestic melodies and natural symphonies,
the jazz of you.
miles in your eyes, sarah in your smile;
my heart hears the coltrane in your walk.
clouds dance shadows across us while
falling leaves, their colors shining,
hug our feet as we stroll
and sing to me about thoughts of you.
your music touches me,
warms a heart made cold long ago.
throbbing bass, sweet sax,
the motions of love in air
and the cracking of ice as champagne maintains;
a love supreme in the nearness of you.
i soul dance to this music,
the monk in your voice, the grover on your lips,
as candlelight shines in the darkness.
all we have is right now
but your sweet song promises so much more,
so many tomorrows for us to dream of
as this peaceful melody lulls us into
a sentimental mood
and warms us from winter’s chill.


I will drink a song from your sea then bless you with one from mine.

I consume your kisses and stagger,
Intoxicated as I know the vintage of your presence,
Inebriated by the nearness of you,
My soul swaying to the rhythm of every breath you take.

This is where my tensions ease.
This is where sadness fades.

I have become addicted to your smile.
And I imbibe unreservedly of your sweet, sweet wines
As we muddle psyche and soma
And forget all of our woes in the glory of drunken revelry.

Even the hangover that my leaving must bring is the pain of Love.

28 May 2012

Love's Prayer

a bit of grace
a little more time
to see her face
hold her hand in mine
all i ask is for the time
to complete my task
hold her heart in mine
just a quick blessing
is all i need
i fear time is pressing
forgive my greed
just a while
to hear her laugh
see her smile
she's all i have
all i'll ever need
let our happiness last
forgive my greed
all i can say
don't let it end
in Your name i pray
dear Lord, amen.

24 May 2012


I miss the potential of us,
The energy that we created with every passing moment.

All that we could have been
All that we, maybe, should have been.

Maybe, in some world other than this, we are kinetic.
Perhaps there the great forces that are here barely contained
When we touch, when we kiss, are released
And explode for everyone to see, lighting the darkness,
Being Love, being motion.

But all that I have is this world,
Where I will keep the scent of your hair,
Even when the world has forgotten your name.
And where I miss the energy of us.

Even if potential was all we ever really had.

20 May 2012

In Temporary Twilight

I exist only in the moment after nightfall,
When the world thinks of Love and lovers of each other,
When chaos and order play at life
And the stars themselves are passion.

And somewhere, in this temporary twilight,
I am still holding you. Now and forever,
As it has so many breathless times before,
Eternity beats your name onto my soul.

There has never been anyone, no one like you,
You were my angel, your song echoing in my heart.
And as I think longingly of your eyes
My soul remembers how to dream:

I dream your tenderness held tight in my arms,
Your hand again in mine, my heart still in yours.
And under this night, so bright in my fantasy,
We are more than even we thought possible.

I dream of lost memories of forgotten love
Of truths never learned and lies never told,
But even submerged in this vision of crystal palaces,
I know that you are gone, and I awaken.

I wake, like I rise each morning,
Praying that my heart won’t call to you,
Knowing all the while that it will, as it has
Every since my lips first touched yours.

I awake to a world of coldness
Where the warmth of you lying next to me is a memory,
But that memory is all that sustains me
As I seek the clouds I last saw you dancing under.

"Go then. There are other worlds than these." - Stephen King, The Gunslinger

19 May 2012

Cornerstone Reality

"You say you wanna go so we can both be free" -W/As My Girl, Maxwell 

I was cold within, without you, on that forgotten eve, by that lonely lake
As I reflected. And the water reflected the moonlight such that I could almost mistake
Silver light for icy rime, in the waves and my soul; and though not likely in that clime,
Somewhat more plausible than my wasted effort to stop your heart's retreat from mine.
Though, even after this space of time, sure I am that had I decided, heavyhearted, to go wading,
Instead of standing alone on that twilit Autumn/Winter shore lonely, longing, waiting,
Cold for want of Lost-Love's warming embrace, and had lost myself- dark frigid water enlaced-
Then, in that moment, would have been no more or less frozen than since I last kissed your face.

The Method of Tenacity (Bound by Dichotomous ?'s of U)

Conjecture: That there exists between like hearts and minds a species of emotional magnetism.

do u love?
do u miss?
do u remember the taste of my lips when we kissed?
do u want?
do u touch?
do u know that i miss u way too much?
do u know?
do u care, that i wake each night wanting u to be there?
do u love?

do u want?
do u long?
do u think of just me when u hear certain songs?
do u have?
do u hold?
do u know that i want u without being told?
do u love?
do u feel?
do u burn?
do u understand how much your touch makes me yearn?
do u kiss?
do u taste?
do u lick or do u bite?
do u hear my spirit calling through the stillness of the night?
do u need?
do u scream?
do u moan?
do u realize what will happen when i get you alone?
do u love?

do u hide?
do u reveal?
do u think this is temporary or think this is real?
do u try?
do u cry?
do u lie?
do u know what u want even if u don’t know why?
do u hunt?
do u chase?
do u comprehend the truth i learned from your smiling face?
do u love?

do u?
do u know how much i need the answer to the question of u?
do u love?

12 May 2012

A Nocturne

I have seen you before,
In countless dreams of beauty
Where we walk hand-in-hand along moonlit beaches.
You and I have explored all of the wonders
That Heaven and earth have to offer
In my subconscious voyages through love.
That is how I knew, when I saw you,
That you were to be my heart’s eternity.
Come with me darling, walk with me on clouds
Let me drink the night’s wine from your lips, again.
But this time let it happen while I’m awake.  

02 May 2012


You may seek me,
If your hatred or your love,
Your desire for vengeance or for passion
So direct you.
But if it is not my wish,                                                 
I will not be found.
And then, in the silent midnight hour,
When the dark clouds o’ersweep the moon and
Hurl lightning from horizon to horizon
As the celestial thunderer rages,
I will come to you with the falling rain
And then we will be one under and within the storm.

29 April 2012

Street Song 6: Once Again Until Once More

We stand here together,
Once again,
Hand-in-hand and everything is beautiful.
We talk and we laugh just like before.
And then I see you talkin’ to that dude
That you know I got beef with.
So now I got questions,
And you givin’ the rolly-eye?!
And we back arguing
Just like we used to be.
Is this why we got back together?!
To yell and scream once again?
Until once more we realize what
We’re doin’ to each other,
And then it’s “Honey, I’m sorry”
And love is love, holdin’ hands and shit.
Man, I don’t know what I’da done
If I lost you this time,
But I didn’t so everything is cool
Once more until once again
Ya girls is tellin’ you that they seen me
In the mall with my son’s moms
And now you trippin’
Know what I mean? Tryin to flip on me?
Don’t you see the game is on?!
And Vick runnin' the ball?!
And anyway, my cousin said he think he thought
He saw you and your hoochie ass friends
In the club, you know that night you
Said your Moms was sick?
So what the deal?
Know what, matter fact, fuck that,
I’m goin back to my Moms an shit,
Get me a job, save some loot an
Get my own spot once more
Til once again I’m sittin’ here
Dealing with these girls that don’t mean
Shit to me just to keep my
Heart from feelin’ so damn empty.
Damn, I hear your voice in the wind
And I wish I could have you back
Once again. 

28 April 2012


In your eyes, your smile, your arms,
All that I ever was
Became all that I ever wanted to be;
All my distance and despair transformed,
Replaced by comfort and safety.
I cannot say that my heart has gone out to you,
Because I cannot say that my heart has ever
Been anywhere but with you.
All I do know,
And pledge to with my dying breath,
Is that had there never been Love in all Creation,
It would have been born the day I found you.

22 April 2012

Element: Earth


We are foundation,
Holding up the Heavens
At the same time that we support one another’s weight.
You rise over me, only to drop again,
Again and again.
We plow, nourishing the earth
With the joy of Seed.
I dig into you with urgency, a hunger
For your harvest that grows of its own accord.
We live to reap, to grow, to move snakelike in
Strong, moist soil,
Living to die and dying to live again
As we nourish.
My stalk grows in your tunnels,
Knowing your yielding loamy moisture
As you continue to climb the tree rising
From the center of me,
As my mountain thrusts into your valley,
Bringing life, giving life.
I lift you, turn you so that we give of our bounty,
Life’s mud coating our faces before
I rise again, now to the world beneath the world,
Driving my plow into the rich soil,
Loving the resistance, loving the mud,
Loving the dust, loving the dirt
As we dig deep,
Shovel throbbing, earth moving,
And drinking deep
And shake the world
As we nourish.

19 April 2012

Love-Call (Beyond Hyperbolic Vertex)

I watch you, again,
As your sleeping soul rests,
And I feel my heart swelling
Again with Love for you
Almost against my will.
There is so much I’d pray for
As I stand here,                                                                  
But all my prayers are gone.
I asked God to let me find you and He did,
I sold my soul back to Him,
All my prayers (dreams) gone away,
To have you, and here you are.
If your understanding were mine,
You’d see my heart surrounding you-
This Love is all I have
You are the only Heaven I hope for
So I watch you, again,
As your sleeping soul rests
And long for the answer to my prayers
To answer my Love-call.

16 April 2012

Element: Silver


We reflect in silent moments,
Growing together like moon in sky,
While we chain each other in the freedom
Of mutual, untarnished Gravity.
We free the night
As we conduct all the electricity in our hearts
To our bodies and lips to meet in
Perfect circuit.
We are mirrors into the soul of Life,
Reflecting in our passion, our lust,
Our very being, the inherent desire in the
Song of all Days;
Knowing that, as I see your face captured,
In each drop of sweat that falls
From my forehead to your breast,
Even in Lust, the heart pauses to breathe.
I reflect upon the sweet pleasures
Of your tongue 
As well as the sweet pain of lonely nights
When you are not near.
We reflect,
Our hands greater utensils, precious,
Bringing our sensual repast to lips waiting,
Tongues flicking and backs undulating in sterling need
Of all the things we are,
All the things we know,
All that we bring out in one another
As we reflect Love
In infinite repetition.

12 April 2012

Sweet Reverie

I watched you, while rainclouds gathered
In the sky above us.
And you were so beautiful as you sat,
Unconscious of my attention-
Innocent to my affection-
That my mind created for us
Grand castles surrounded by endless gardens,
Where we could forever escape these lives
And live loved and loving from now til forever;
Or perhaps where I could at least
Hold you in my arms, smelling you
Bathing my soul in your scent
And letting my heart race in the nearness of you.
But while I sit here dreaming,
You stand and walk away
Scattering the remnants of my fantasy
And ending my sweet reverie.  

10 April 2012

Element: Water


Our flesh ripples as we touch
And surf the waves of our growing desire,
Taken like ships at sea, rising and plunging,
Loving the depths even while we seek the crest,
As we flow.
We are this sea, bathing in each other,
Bringing moisture with moisture
While we caress, tasting first with our fingers
Later with tongues, always in our souls.
We nourish the world in our rain
As it flows from us,
Physical and spiritual,
First sweat attaching cheek to thigh,
Lips to breast, my hand to the back of your neck
As I wrap your hair in my fist,
Pushing you away even as I pull you close,
I feel your tide at both ends of my body,
Then the deeper fluids of our minds
Rise to wash us away, me diving into your ocean,
Swimming in this ecstasy as I bend you over,
Moving in the stream of your consciousness.
I ride your current, deep in your waters
Loving the undertow and sweetly resisting the undertow.
We inundate this world and its concerns
As our tides rise and fall,
As our waves crash, foaming and drenching the land
Of our beings,
As we flow.

Element: Air


This we create.
My breath, your breath
Joining, spinning, combining, becoming
Much more than our words;
The sweet thoughts of God;
The fluid we breathe as we inhale each other,
Love-filling our lungs, as we soar
Together through the morning,
Dew drying on our skin as we part the clouds,
Change the weather with our regard,
Sweep the leaves of the Worldtree ever onward
With the exhalation of our desire;                                  
As we rise.
We move soulward, on the wind of need,
Being the air hearts breathe
As our own hearts beat to Heat-music,
Making me rise against you,
Your nipples rough against my chest,
Breath fire against each other’s necks
As we rise.
We spin this world,
We blow, we swirl,
Lifting all lovers as we fly overhead,
Winds of sensuality becoming
A tornado of passion, of desire, of Love
Taking heed neither of reason nor responsibility,
Not while we kiss, not as you lift your breast to me,
Not as I suckle as we ascend,
Lifting everything with us in a spiral
That presses us even closer.
As I kiss down your body,
You shiver at my breath on you
As your incense rises to my lips
My hands moving along your lower back
As I lick you, tasting the first salt
Of your sweetness
As we spin, as we revolve,
As we rise.

07 April 2012

Reciprocal Identities (Lean on Me)

(I am 1/you)
Let this arm be the standard,
My soul the fortress,
The rock, that shelters you from the sky
I will take all you have to give
Giving in return comfort in the night.
I am yours, and bow to you in this,
My all given into your respite,
Your solace.
I am the shelter from the past,
The easer of the now,
Tree standing against the wind.
And if ever, whenever,
The world is too much with you,
Come to me
And know the comforts of my Mathematics.
(You are 1/me)

04 April 2012

Blessed Union

This hangs between us like stardust
Dazzling but subtle,
Warm like God’s smile on us.
Can’t you see it
Shimmering, rippling with every touch?
This is the Love
That God made us for.
Like snowflakes by crescent moon,
We are beautiful together.
Brought together by Gravity,
Kept close by Magnetism,
We are complete like day and night
And bound by blessings.

03 April 2012

Status Migrainosus II: The Unlovely Smell of Oranges

She says "Dance a little dance with me".
She sings "Dream a little dream,"
And again I fall into the dark.

She holds me close as we dance,
My oldest friend,
As close as my memories of her
That stretch back in my mind almost as far
As the face of the quiet Hunter,
He who has always been my goal and my goad.
She holds me tight in the dark
And it is hot and we dance and we spin and spin.

She says "Dance a little dance with me.
Dream a little dream".
She sings in a language she has taught me
And again I fall into the dark.

My oldest friend,
As close as the lie in a lover's kiss
As we dance and spin and spin
In the darkness where everyone passing through 
Is limned in fading light
And the rising dark of our dance is
Intimate in every way.
We dance in the dark and know nothing of the world.

She sings only for me
And this is always her song:
"Dance a little dance with me, dream a little dream".
And all duty and desire fall away
As I fall into the dark.

Her perfume is oranges, likely blood,
As sweet and as sharp as Love's first kiss,
And it envelopes me as we dance,
Scenting my reality as we spin and spin
Through the waves and the valleys and the hot.
My oldest friend and I,
Together here at the bottom of the dark,
Where the world is  a memory
And there is only the dance.

I know that one day she will call,
In a voice of marmalade and cold wet earth,
And she will sing "Dance a little dance with me,"
And through my tears I will dance;
She will sing "Dream a little dream,"
And I know only her embrace;
And she will whisper, into the cups of my ears,
"Stay here, a while with me, in the dark,"
And all of my desires
And all of my hopes
And all of my breaths-
All of my equations- will fall to zero,
To the smell of oranges
As we spin and spin
And then spin no more.

01 April 2012

Water and Air (As Years Rush By)

 Come let me spin you through these night clouds majestic,
While we sip glasses of chilled moonlight
And leave footprints in the stardust
I breathe only your smile.
As the years rush by.
Your body held ever in my arms,
My face floating in the seas of your eyes,
Our Love never away from each other’s hearts,
We shimmer in our own heat.
As the years rush by.
A bright present and golden future
That for us will never be a yesterday,
As all thoughts of sadness are replaced
By a Love that will never stray
As the years rush by.
So, as angels sing all around us,
We will dance eternity away
Under this night sky that never ends
With this devotion that will always stay.

The Riddle of Sand

Angel of Broken Stones
“So heavy the burden I bring with me from the past,
I doubt that I should make these vows for the future.
                                                     – The Tale of Genji

I am the eater of days,
Father of the Indefinite roads of Time,
Consuming hourglass moments and sundial liquor.
As I let the ages run down a throat
Dry with ancestors dust and the heat of being,
I swallow sand and time,
Drinking dust
Drinking dust
Tasting in it steel and blood,
Diamonds and lead-
Sweet sepulcher wine.
I bring a song of kings and battles                                              
Sung in the voice of the outer world,
War and warriors all fall forgotten, water upon the sand
While my wings beat
And stir the other side of the light.
I am the arbiter of dreams,
Sender of the dark sundrinkers
That sail through the cold, impotent ashes
Left after the living fire of the Childe of Night
Turned the men of dust into the dust of men.
We seek the jewels of the desert, the roses of the sand.

27 March 2012

Status Migrainosus 1: A Poet’s Thoughts Near Death

‘I have read, I have cried, and I have
Supped full with passion and horror,’
Thought the poet, his eyes preternaturally bright,
‘I have ticked away the seconds in a dry age
And have put pain to paper and turned rage to words,
As is a poet’s job.
But, most importantly, I stood in the night
And felt the breeze blow mortality;
I stood in a field of flowers under the sun
And knew the Power of God;
I played carelessly within the silverness of the moon
And relearned the untroubled days of childhood;
I held her hand, and watched that same moon
Rise in her eyes
And knew Love.’
The poet stops, sighs and wipes tears from his eyes.
He sits quietly for a moment and then continues:
‘These are the things that truly define me or men
Or Mankind; it’s not the things written or said,
It’s the things that are lived.’
The light in the poet’s eyes fades.
The poet dies.

A Prayer Of My Faded Childhood

I ask that I may
Thrive under the sun, while it shines;
The halcyon days of youth fade swiftly,
Never to be found again,
Lost forever to the swirling mists.

Let the light of early days shine upon
The melancholy greys of age and responsibility.
Dear God, I beg You, release me from
This yoke and let me run free,

Free into the wilds, the moors, the jungles
Of my infancy and my innocence.
Lord grant me surcease from knowledge
And deeds.
That is my prayer.

26 March 2012


(Every time the wind blows, I hear your voice but you're never there)

I remember you like sound
Sound like words
Words like the breeze of life
And I rise over this city
Taken up in your atmosphere
Seeing your face in clouds
That form from my longing
And surround me like light
Light like skies
Skies that stretch to forever
Like my memory of you
That survives the passage of time
Like a garment well-worn
Comfortable and warm,
But put away now
Only on occasion to be stroked,
Touched, to live again in its softness
Soft like the sound of our love.

Thoughts of Madness

The darkened tunnels have been traveled,
And the castles are no more;
The riverbeds are dry and empty,
And the birds no longer soar;
The deep dark forest are all cut down,
And there’s a lock on every door.

The sky has been made clear and bright
And there is no sign of rain;
The machines of death have been laid to rest
And no one remembers the pain;
The world’s going right to Heaven or Hell
And the mad shall lead the sane.

The world has moved on, and on again,
As I move towards madness,
For this sphere of life holds for me no joy,
But neither is there sadness.

Son of Swords

I stand in the dark, under the pouring rains,
While I pray, and the world eats my soul.
My song is all of my roaring pains,
Buried in the shadow of the black totem pole.
All that I used to be is just a memory,
A prayer crashing against the stone ears of devilry
As I long for zero,
Singing my song in chains,
I long for zero.
(Every step is dogged)

I am the son of swords
Born to follow the lines of force
With my blood beating with the swollen words
Written on my soul with no remorse.
I seek the palace and the sonic throne
The Chalice and the broken bones,                               
So I dream of zero
With all my tattered dreams,
I dream of zero.
(Every hour is devoured)

In my lonely tantrums,
When my entire world is ice and steel,
And I am the only sighted man in the kingdom,
I lose my way and cannot feel
The dark kiss of the maelstrom,
The omega sunshine bliss of the atom
So I go to zero,
Holding close to my shattered soul,
I go to zero.
(Every breath is counted.)

Somewhere there is a great black mountain,
Looming under a twilight moon
And under it a great marble fountain
In which I bathe by the light of a wormwood noon.
Call me the lord of pain; call me the king of sorrow
Call me silent apostle, son of mourning on the last tomorrow.