10 April 2012

Element: Air


This we create.
My breath, your breath
Joining, spinning, combining, becoming
Much more than our words;
The sweet thoughts of God;
The fluid we breathe as we inhale each other,
Love-filling our lungs, as we soar
Together through the morning,
Dew drying on our skin as we part the clouds,
Change the weather with our regard,
Sweep the leaves of the Worldtree ever onward
With the exhalation of our desire;                                  
As we rise.
We move soulward, on the wind of need,
Being the air hearts breathe
As our own hearts beat to Heat-music,
Making me rise against you,
Your nipples rough against my chest,
Breath fire against each other’s necks
As we rise.
We spin this world,
We blow, we swirl,
Lifting all lovers as we fly overhead,
Winds of sensuality becoming
A tornado of passion, of desire, of Love
Taking heed neither of reason nor responsibility,
Not while we kiss, not as you lift your breast to me,
Not as I suckle as we ascend,
Lifting everything with us in a spiral
That presses us even closer.
As I kiss down your body,
You shiver at my breath on you
As your incense rises to my lips
My hands moving along your lower back
As I lick you, tasting the first salt
Of your sweetness
As we spin, as we revolve,
As we rise.

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