16 April 2012

Element: Silver


We reflect in silent moments,
Growing together like moon in sky,
While we chain each other in the freedom
Of mutual, untarnished Gravity.
We free the night
As we conduct all the electricity in our hearts
To our bodies and lips to meet in
Perfect circuit.
We are mirrors into the soul of Life,
Reflecting in our passion, our lust,
Our very being, the inherent desire in the
Song of all Days;
Knowing that, as I see your face captured,
In each drop of sweat that falls
From my forehead to your breast,
Even in Lust, the heart pauses to breathe.
I reflect upon the sweet pleasures
Of your tongue 
As well as the sweet pain of lonely nights
When you are not near.
We reflect,
Our hands greater utensils, precious,
Bringing our sensual repast to lips waiting,
Tongues flicking and backs undulating in sterling need
Of all the things we are,
All the things we know,
All that we bring out in one another
As we reflect Love
In infinite repetition.

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