29 April 2012

Street Song 6: Once Again Until Once More

We stand here together,
Once again,
Hand-in-hand and everything is beautiful.
We talk and we laugh just like before.
And then I see you talkin’ to that dude
That you know I got beef with.
So now I got questions,
And you givin’ the rolly-eye?!
And we back arguing
Just like we used to be.
Is this why we got back together?!
To yell and scream once again?
Until once more we realize what
We’re doin’ to each other,
And then it’s “Honey, I’m sorry”
And love is love, holdin’ hands and shit.
Man, I don’t know what I’da done
If I lost you this time,
But I didn’t so everything is cool
Once more until once again
Ya girls is tellin’ you that they seen me
In the mall with my son’s moms
And now you trippin’
Know what I mean? Tryin to flip on me?
Don’t you see the game is on?!
And Vick runnin' the ball?!
And anyway, my cousin said he think he thought
He saw you and your hoochie ass friends
In the club, you know that night you
Said your Moms was sick?
So what the deal?
Know what, matter fact, fuck that,
I’m goin back to my Moms an shit,
Get me a job, save some loot an
Get my own spot once more
Til once again I’m sittin’ here
Dealing with these girls that don’t mean
Shit to me just to keep my
Heart from feelin’ so damn empty.
Damn, I hear your voice in the wind
And I wish I could have you back
Once again. 

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