22 April 2012

Element: Earth


We are foundation,
Holding up the Heavens
At the same time that we support one another’s weight.
You rise over me, only to drop again,
Again and again.
We plow, nourishing the earth
With the joy of Seed.
I dig into you with urgency, a hunger
For your harvest that grows of its own accord.
We live to reap, to grow, to move snakelike in
Strong, moist soil,
Living to die and dying to live again
As we nourish.
My stalk grows in your tunnels,
Knowing your yielding loamy moisture
As you continue to climb the tree rising
From the center of me,
As my mountain thrusts into your valley,
Bringing life, giving life.
I lift you, turn you so that we give of our bounty,
Life’s mud coating our faces before
I rise again, now to the world beneath the world,
Driving my plow into the rich soil,
Loving the resistance, loving the mud,
Loving the dust, loving the dirt
As we dig deep,
Shovel throbbing, earth moving,
And drinking deep
And shake the world
As we nourish.

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