10 April 2012

Element: Water


Our flesh ripples as we touch
And surf the waves of our growing desire,
Taken like ships at sea, rising and plunging,
Loving the depths even while we seek the crest,
As we flow.
We are this sea, bathing in each other,
Bringing moisture with moisture
While we caress, tasting first with our fingers
Later with tongues, always in our souls.
We nourish the world in our rain
As it flows from us,
Physical and spiritual,
First sweat attaching cheek to thigh,
Lips to breast, my hand to the back of your neck
As I wrap your hair in my fist,
Pushing you away even as I pull you close,
I feel your tide at both ends of my body,
Then the deeper fluids of our minds
Rise to wash us away, me diving into your ocean,
Swimming in this ecstasy as I bend you over,
Moving in the stream of your consciousness.
I ride your current, deep in your waters
Loving the undertow and sweetly resisting the undertow.
We inundate this world and its concerns
As our tides rise and fall,
As our waves crash, foaming and drenching the land
Of our beings,
As we flow.

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