13 December 2011

In The Deep Purple Bliss

We are not children of the sun,
not us, not in this incarnation.
We are the dancing stillness of the night.
And when moonlight touches us,
And my arms find your body within,
I hear your name whispered in bliss,
Flowing from my lips to your heart.
This is when I am a Man;
When I am reflected in your eyes,
When your atmosphere swirls around me,
When we touch each other without touching,
Standing in harmony under stars’ regard,
This is when I am a Man.

Seeking the deep purple time,
When removed we are from sunlight’s weight
And I may enter you presence unfettered,
Measured not by cosmic dimensions, there at the door to night,
We rush head long through the steel hours,
Souls longing as much for eventide
As our hearts long for one another.

We are the dancing stillness of the night,
Having shrugged free of summer days,
And it is to you I turn,
To the one I love,
To share chilled moonlight by the glassful,
To know Love.
I live in your eyes here,
In the darkened midnight hours,
When no other eyes touch us,
When your smile is all the moon I’ll ever need
Then, and only then,
Carried by African drums and space-age times,
Do I live.
I was made to Love you.

We are not of the days,
Bathing each other in late breezes,
And we feed each other every second of darkness,
Eating our nights together with all our souls
Because too soon even the stars fade.
Each hour nourished by your smile is another endless night,

Another passionate dusk to sustain me,
When darkness fades and I am
Tortured by Hyperion’s gaze
And distance from you.
Knowing I will hold you tight again,
When the deep purple falls
And I live in your Love;
Where the night is so easy to remember
And so, so hard to forget.

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