22 December 2011

Spirituality: Shiva’s Supplication

I awoke this morning
From a dream which is the reality of you.
I have thought you across this Universe
With Gravity and stars like words;
I who destroy atmospheres, dissolve in Yours.
I wrap Myself in incense,
Burning this jasmine to draw You near to Me.
Though I have Power, though I am Power,
I am powerless against Your density.
This lust is systematic.
I am God, yet I worship You.

I kneel before You in ecstacy
Pulse racing as I raise My head
To give My supplications.
This is communion sweet;
Your honey-flesh is spiced with exoticness,
Sweeter than starlight,
Hotter than stars themselves.
I stand, free of all adornment
Feeling Your essence surround Me,
My face wet with Your first blessing.                      

I take You slowly from vertical.
Your temple welcoming Me,
Knowing I am praise-full for You,
Knowing I am ready to worship.
I float in Your mathematics,
At the dawn of understanding.
And as My wisdom deepens,
Your rhythm undoes me, pulls forth My                   
Prayers like magnetism
And You receive them like wine.                                                           
This lust is systematic.

Your knowledge is so fundamental,
So pure.
In the thousand years ‘til tomorrow,
I lose Myself in Your eyes, flashing
Above lips red and full,
Moist with secrets.

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