09 January 2012

Fool's Paradise

I lose myself in our midnight hours,                                                                                                  
Soul reveling in your atmosphere,
Refreshed in the sustenance of your smile.
Rebirthed in your rainshowers,
I hear the thunder contained in even
Our quiet moments,                                                                 
And the silence in our passion.                         
Kisses, sweet like April’s moon,
Are ours to imbibe
As these golden days pass,
Flowing all easy like Heaven’s afternoon.
It is in you, with you, that my mind rests,
My heart breathes
And the tension that defines my existence
Is unwound, however briefly.
Your voice drives me,
Filling me like the Light in your touch,
Warming my soul-garden.                                                                                
So, before I lose you to the years and miles,
Before your life from mine disappears,              
Let me just rest here awhile, basking,
In the fool’s paradise between earth and your smile. 

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