26 January 2012


“There is a space between man's imagination and man's attainment that may only be traversed by his longing.”
Sand and Foam
                        Kahlil Gibran

The hours, the days
When my entire universe was encompassed
By you,
Contained within the spell cast
By your eyes, by your smile;
Your field surrounding me like electricity,
Hair like silk, eyes like fire
All attracting me to your density;
This was the beginning of desire.
I was caught
Like starlight in a diamond
Under deep October skies,
Refracted and reflected
In the jewel of your soul until I was burning
With fever for you,
Your touch, even proximity, the only treatment,
Your kiss the only cure.

This Love we share,
Passing in every wind and shadow
Of a Summer’s evening,
Moving in every leaf and root
Of an Autumnal dawn,
Growing, becoming us and more than us,
Something both simple and magnificent.
The soft rains of April and the sweet snowfalls of December,
Changing us in ways we cannot see,
Remaking us in the image of our hearts.
These few, precious moments
When we touch the Infinite,
Resonating with the waves of our Love,
When all the things you are are mine,
When all I ever dreamed is realized in
The briefest glimpse of the faintest contemplation
Of the most minute reflection of your smile in a raindrop.

These silent moments,
That is when our avatars aggregate,
Making us singular, one in each other,                                                       
One with the Sea of Dreams,
One with the laws that made fire and earth.
We move differently,
We are not these people, not these realities,
Not these bodies that house the Eternal in us,
Not the anchor but the ship
And the chain; not Gravity but the worlds it moves
And the space they move through.
We move, we dance, we sing
Like so many stars,
Moving like the promised kiss of Springtime.  
We speak in angels’ glow,
Lighting suns with our expressions of affection,
Creating Life in each other,
Denying the emptiness of separation, of reality,
With every touch, with every word.

I am tangled in our scent,
Drunk from the incense in the spaces
That lie in the corners of our minds,
Filled with the smoke of us,
Blessed by the offering we send up,
In honor of ourselves,
To the Light that bound water and wind
Into the breathless kisses that we share,
Holding each other’s hearts
Under the full January moon.

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