26 January 2012

Fundamental Things

You have given me visions,
dreams of fire,
and now my days are filled
with fragments of night,
the dreams of you,
driving me to distraction,
that send me to bed each night
to awake from reality
to the dream which is the thought of you.
the scent of you lingering in my atmosphere
rushing me headlong from daybreak,
seeking the moondawn
of your voice.
this prophecy of you has me undone,
licking my fingers to taste the
slightest touch of you,
my pulse racing
from this alone
as I hear your soul in each ray of light,
my Love bound by
this equation of you;
Visions of an angel that redefine
all fundamental things.


  1. This is absolutely lovely.

    1. Thank you for finding your way to the other side of my mind, Red. Glad you liked it! Thanks for commenting.