17 January 2012


Know me,                   
I stand astride existence,
legs akimbo,
verbstick swinging to the rhythm of Life.
So fundamental,
so systematic;
as pure as the sweat running across my chest,
as pure as the desire burning in my eyes.

I am the nourisher,
bringer of the wine that God provides,
of the meat the brings the sweetness forth,
and I prepare a banquet in your honor.
Eat all that you wish.
Be eaten all that you wish.

Tasting the waters of all your days,
I reach forth my regard,
bathing in the delta of your Nile,
drinking the liquor of our sweat.
Know me,
King I am to those deep, hidden feelings
that make your temple pulse,
the longing that throbs prayers between your thighs
as all your lips cry out Hosannahs.
I bring the heat of stars to our embrace,
every breath the word of the Gods,
tongue reaching out to you and tasting Life
as my Word reaches your center and swells.

We are the cloak of night,
we are the garment Love wears to warm itself,
welcoming each other to the kismet storm;
witnessing the birth of vision
from the eastern side of the Sun.

Know me,
I am the God between your knees
dancing in the music of moisture,
tongue-blessing your righteousness.
These are the Elysian fields, the Halls of everlasting
Where I dwell in luscious agony.
I found Eternity in you arms.
Praise me; let me bind my wisdom into your soul-
fire air water into earth to make flesh.
We bring the rain that makes the desert bloom,
waking the Prophet’s rose.
My soul soars, intoxicated by mead
made from the honey of your need,
as I take all that you offer,
give all that I am
as we are created anew in wonder and in Love,
knowing the map of Creation imprinted on our bodies.
Come, follow me;
Come follow Me
and I will teach you the Art of Friction,
the power of a King’s lust
and how to dream the reality of desire and make it dance.

Know me,
I am the Architect of your heart;

Know me,
I am the dancing pulse between your legs;

I was made to Love you;

I am the Pharaoh of your desire.

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