13 January 2012


Here’s to the past,
Glass lifted to the forgotten moments,
All the few, precious mornings
Spent loved and loving,
Nourished by passion, fed by desire
And always soulhungry
For the repast promised in your eyes . . .

Here’s to the past,
Quaffing the waters of Lethe now
Instead of the ambrosia of you,
All the sweet, fleeting ‘noons
Spent loved and loving,
Learning the equations of taste and touch
While I studied the lessons of your heart
For the key to my own
And drank deep
Of the nectar of your smile . . .

Here’s to the past,
My toast in memory of summer breezes
Wafting on the far end of the corridors of time,
Still carrying your perfume,
All the deep purple eves
Spent loved and loving,
Smelling the jasmine in your hair,
Inhaling the mathematics of your femininity,
The scent, the halo, the sunset, the shadows
Filling my lungs, filling my lungs
With the incense of your being . . .

Here’s to the past,
Inebriated, seeking solace in the lavender wine
Of memory, respite in the bottom of the bottle,
From these dream-ghosts that haunt my soul,
All the dark midnight hours
Spent loved and loving,
Knowing the sweet taste of your embrace
And loving the knowledge,
Every thought your touch,
Every touch a dream,
Every dream a fantasy, fleeting and soulful
As my mind dripped with liquid revelries of you . . .

Here’s to the past;
The mornings before this forced fast,
My heart rumbling with pangs for you;
The noontimes before this drought
That dried all of my equations;
The evenings not polluted,
Not covered in the dust of distance;
The nights, oh the long, long nights                                             
Before all knowledge of you was taken,
Before all my soul was shaken,
Before I learned how dark my world is

 Without you in it.

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