20 May 2012

In Temporary Twilight

I exist only in the moment after nightfall,
When the world thinks of Love and lovers of each other,
When chaos and order play at life
And the stars themselves are passion.

And somewhere, in this temporary twilight,
I am still holding you. Now and forever,
As it has so many breathless times before,
Eternity beats your name onto my soul.

There has never been anyone, no one like you,
You were my angel, your song echoing in my heart.
And as I think longingly of your eyes
My soul remembers how to dream:

I dream your tenderness held tight in my arms,
Your hand again in mine, my heart still in yours.
And under this night, so bright in my fantasy,
We are more than even we thought possible.

I dream of lost memories of forgotten love
Of truths never learned and lies never told,
But even submerged in this vision of crystal palaces,
I know that you are gone, and I awaken.

I wake, like I rise each morning,
Praying that my heart won’t call to you,
Knowing all the while that it will, as it has
Every since my lips first touched yours.

I awake to a world of coldness
Where the warmth of you lying next to me is a memory,
But that memory is all that sustains me
As I seek the clouds I last saw you dancing under.

"Go then. There are other worlds than these." - Stephen King, The Gunslinger

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