30 May 2012

The Jazz of You

a stormfall of raindrops talks to my windowpane of
majestic melodies and natural symphonies,
the jazz of you.
miles in your eyes, sarah in your smile;
my heart hears the coltrane in your walk.
clouds dance shadows across us while
falling leaves, their colors shining,
hug our feet as we stroll
and sing to me about thoughts of you.
your music touches me,
warms a heart made cold long ago.
throbbing bass, sweet sax,
the motions of love in air
and the cracking of ice as champagne maintains;
a love supreme in the nearness of you.
i soul dance to this music,
the monk in your voice, the grover on your lips,
as candlelight shines in the darkness.
all we have is right now
but your sweet song promises so much more,
so many tomorrows for us to dream of
as this peaceful melody lulls us into
a sentimental mood
and warms us from winter’s chill.

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