16 July 2012

Element: Void

This is where there is nothing;
Nothing between us, nothing around us,
Nothing but us.
No space as I enter you,
No distance as you clench me,
No time but that told by the beating of our hearts.
We singular are, one from many,
And nothing exists but your nails in my back,
My breath on your neck,
My hands under you, lifting you,
Your eyes holding me, lifting me.
We are the friction of dark galaxies,
Filling what was never meant to be empty.
Frantic in our desire to be,
To create,
We have inhaled each other’s souls and bodies,
Quenched the thirst of our needs,
Reflected on our desires
Nourished our animality
Set fire to Infinity
And radiated the equations of Eternity
All with this Lust,
With this Love that we were from and made for.
We move against, into, with one another
As if for the first/last time,
Like all that has been hasn’t,
Like we are something new in this Universe
Until your body shudders against me,
Carrying me away in its blessing
And I speak my word into your void,
Our particles colliding up, down, top and bottom,
Screaming each other’s names
As we fall spent,
Strange and charmed,
Knowing we have held nothing back,
Left nothing out,
And have nothing left. 

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