14 February 2012

Slo Blues Time

This is the slo blues time,
when smoke and candlelight show the way
to sensations more sublime
than those we find by light of day.
No longer wrapped in indignant lies,
we meet in soultouch, lip to lip,
breathing desire in breathless sighs,
raising ecstasy in waiting hips.
Tomorrow holds no hope for me,
so I reach for you tonight,
here with only our hearts to see
our souls soaring in flight.
This desire, this throbbing, are fundamental things
as my lips your neck, your shoulder caress
in the first expression of my yearnings,
in these first stages of our undress.

This is the time of the slo and sweet,
tendernesses touching longing as we stroke and feel
each other where lust and night both meet,
kiss each other where desire and fantasy are real.
This is truth on a level beyond our dreams,
existing prior in thoughts, yet always unspoken,
as candles shine on bodies bent in succulent extremes
and slowly flowing with fluids molten.
Tonight no secrets from me are hidden,
I drink the wine of your greatest desire
and feed you of my body, swollen
in anticipation of finding fleshly fires.
We move in a profound manifestation of verb,
your body my focus, mine your friction
as we stretch this moment as infinite as a proverb,
moving toward our inevitable benediction.

This is the slo sweet burning moment,
though we are far east of the sun here where we blaze,
trying to take each other’s tormented torrent,
driving and sending each other sideways and endways and edgeways,
flying starwards, riding the lightning
until pleasure becomes too deep, too much
and we release this wave, bodies clutching and gushing
knowing that rhythm must always come to such.
We shiver in a cloud of our own incense,
spirits singing, returning to flesh in spasms,
adding heavenly colors, rich and intense,
to bodies, joined still, in ecstasy’s poem.
We return to earth, having touched the universe
and heard it sigh, whispering our name
and knowing, now and ever more, our gift and our curse
is that after tonight, nothing will ever be the same. 

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