15 November 2011

Diamond Wine

let us love hard,
my words blowing across your skin,
raising gooseflesh,
the living poem of our desire
spelled out as i touch tongue to clit,
fingers to slit,
free verse across the small of your back.
time stretching to Infinity
as we dandy doggy-fuck fantastic
and my Verb is realized in you,
as we slide, glide, ride
we be friction
giving as we get.
Verb to Word to Sentence
as i teach you my fullness,
pulsating and thrusting,
glistening with your response
as your velvet repeats the Words i teach.
these are the lessons in the blood
the ballad of our sweat
written as i feel your heartbeat
talking to my finger in your foundation,
moving to the rhythm of your fingers on your electric.                                                                       
this is what Love has brought us to,
the Thunder in every thrust
Lightning in every inch of my Verb
as you bless me in your Rain,
with your sweet musky liquor flowing
i place my mouth on your fountain,
as if your lust would quench my desire,
my deep urgent feelings,
as i turn you onto your back,
mounting your chest
to cum on your jeweled nipples,
writing “I Love You” with my fingers
in my Seed on your breasts,
then leaning forward to lick the tears from your face,
the tears when you cum
. . .sweet diamond wine.

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